Training for Moving Image Specialists in Libraries (TMISL) renewed and expanded upon Moving Image Specialists in Libraries (MISL), an earlier project of New York University's Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) Program. Each project was made possible by a grant from the US Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

The goals of the TMISL project were to:

♦ Continue preparing graduate students for careers as library professionals

♦ Continue raising library-wide awareness around the important work a trained moving image and sound specialist can accomplish for a library

♦ Offer working professionals formal training in audiovisual collection care, assessment, and management

Recognition by both scholars and the public of the value of moving image and sound materials continues to grow. Stewards of our most significant audiovisual collections are realizing how much can be gained by processing and making available the audiovisual material that has languished in storage.

Libraries are often host to a range of items, including unique materials in special collections and works that, while mass-produced at the time of acquisition, have since become scarce. The physical characteristics and technological dependencies of both analog and digital audiovisual materials render them highly susceptible to degradation, loss, and obsolescence, and in need of specialized attention.

Despite this fact, many libraries with established programs in paper preservation lack the expertise, methods, and resources to address the preservation requirements of their film, video, and audio holdings, threatening the tremendous research, educational, and cultural value that the collections represent. In particular, the absence of staff with specialized training is one of the greatest threats to the longevity and accessibility of moving image and sound collections in libraries.

Training for Moving Image Specialists in Libraries (TMISL) seeks to advance and expand the Moving Image Specialists in Libraries (MISL) project by generating continued awareness of audiovisual holdings in library special collections, archives, and media centers currently unavailable or only partially available to the public. The end goal continues to be the improvement of staffing for moving image archiving and preservation in libraries in order to increase the longevity and access of audiovisual collections.

On the TMISL website you will find:

Internships Page: summaries of 37 IMLS-funded internships that MIAP students completed between fall 2012 and spring 2016 as part of the TMISL project.

Workshops Page: materials describing the IMLS-funded continuing education workshops that MIAP organized in 2013-14 as part of the TMISL project. Materials include presentation slides, handouts, photographs, and audiovisual recordings of the workshops.

Resources Page: a sampling of educational and professional resources compiled by MIAP's founding Director and TMISL's principle investigator, Professor Howard Besser.