Cinema Studies
For Students:

Curriculum Modules

These curriculum modules and resources were created with funding from the National Endowment for Humanities and the Getty Foundation.

Regional Archives

This report is an introduction the culture and activities of regional moving image archives. It includes a lesson plan which traces the history of regional archives and student exercizes.

Archival Access in the 21st Century

This is a new resource on contemporary access issues facing moving image professionals.

It is designed as a class lecture which assesses the state of access to archival moving images in a changing landscape.

Emerging Intellectual Property Issues, Paradigms and Controversies. An Introduction for Archivists

In this guide, Rick Prelinger addresses topics and issues related to Intellectual Property. Topics addressed include the evolution of copyright law, orphan works, copyright term extensions, the digital millennium copyright act, Fair Use, Creative Commons,and Digital Rights management. A list of resources follows each section.

Preserving Home/Amateur Film

This module includes the history of film technology; Identification, assessment, descriptions and cataloging for home movies; acquiring home movies in archives; and home movies in our visual culture.

Overview of Video Signals

This is a resource on essential video technology issues for students of video preservation. The module includes lecture notes on the background on perception of signals, the basics of video tecyhnology, and the reading/calibration of waveform/vectorscope monitors.

Television Archiving

This module is formatted as a series of six class sessions that explore the challenges to the preservation and access of television material.

Inch U-Matic Tape

This module is designed to familiarize archivists with the technical history of the format. It includes a format history, bibliography, and interviews.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Module

Presented as part of a workshop for MIAP students, this module provides tools for archivists to create, update and improve their disaster plans.

Film Projection

This is a syllabus that lays out the basic concepts related to the projection of film. Each section includes a list of resources and readings, as well as suggested classroom activities.

Shipping Nitrate Film and other Hazardous Material

In December 2007, the students in the MIAP program participated in a training session and certification for shipping nitrocellulose film.

MIAP student John Passmore summarizes the main points of the session and what the students learned.

Access to Moving Image Collections

This is a set of teaching tools prepared by Nancy Goldman for the MIAP course "Access to Moving Image Collections" (in consultation with instructor Sarah Ziebell)

Contracting for Reformatting Services

This valuable reference outlines basic procedures for purchasing supplies and services for audiovisual archiving and preservation. It provides detailed instruction on how archives can most effectively pursue and acquire media reformatting services.