Student Papers

Introduction to Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

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2003 FALL


Intro: Orphans Projects

New York City Street Scenes and Noises 
by Jeff Martin, Evan Friss, Jennifer Zwarich

Clips Movietone

Fox Movietone Newsreel: Javanese Dancers
by Tanisha Jones, Huiming Yu, Pamela Smith, Margaret Mello

by Irene Taylor

Round the Trip Made by Two Girls

Looney Lenses:
by Michael Bowen and Rebecca Bachman


Intro: Final

Contemporary Chinese Independent
Documentary Show 

by Huiming Yu

restrictedSamuel Beckett's Film: Research for Restoration 
by Caroline Rubens

Getting to the Soul of Soul of Reason:
A Case for Preservation

by Tanisha Jones

Al Robbins
by Margaret Mello


Technological History of Fox Movietone News
by Irene Taylor

restrictedRegional Past Time
by Juan Monroy

Videotape 1956-1959: Looking for What Survived, and Why
by Jeff Martin


Intro: Case Study Projects

restrictedDiane Bertholo: Cyborg Oracle
by Irene Taylor, Jeff Martin, Robert Bethencourt

restrictedHoward Weinberg: Sid at 90
by Tanisha Jones, Margaret Mello, Huiming Yu

restrictedBen Shapiro: Radio Row
by Tanisha Jones, Margaret Mello, and Huiming Yu

Hye-Jung Park: The Youth Channel
by Robert Bethncourt, Jeff Martin, and Irene Taylor

Jim Hubbard: Memento Mori
by Wendy Scheir, Juan Monroy, and Lucas Hilderbrand

Robin Schanzenbach
by Evan Friss, Laura Helton, and Maneesha Patel

Jeanne Liotta: Maria Movie
by Michael Bowen

Living Voices/Voces Vidas
by Caroline Rubens, Jennifer Zwarich, Gawain Weaver, Pamela Smith

Craig Marsden: La Lecon
by Evan Friss, Laura Helton, and Maneesha Patel

The Uprising of '34
by Caroline Rubens, Pamela Smith, Gawain Weaver,
and Jennifer Zwarich

MM Serra: Divine Possibilities
by Rebecca Bachman

Paper Tiger Television: Standing with Palestine
by Wendy Scheir, Juan Monroy, and Lucas Hilderbrand

Diane Bertolo: Cyborg Oracle
by Jeff Martin